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Voting is now closed for the Packers Fan Hall of Fame
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Nominee's Name:  Todd Gregorski
Full submission:   
For Todd Gregorski, every Sunday and Monday night has been ...
City:  Gilbert
State:  AZ
Comments: (93)
Nominee's Name:  John O’Neill
Full submission:   
John O’Neill attended his first Packers game with his grandfather ...
City:  Cross Plains
State:  WI
Comments: (185)
Nominee's Name:  Gertrude Lederer
Full submission:   
I am writing this essay to nominate Gertrude Lederer for ...
City:  Milwaukee
State:  WI
Comments: (54)
Nominee's Name:  Tim Skipper
Full submission:   
As a lifetime Southern California resident I’ve heard the question ...
City:  Lakewood
State:  CA
Comments: (36)
Nominee's Name:  Jim Nowicki
Full submission:   
Best Packer Fan

I am 65 years old and have been ...
City:  West Chester
State:  OH
Comments: (87)
Nominee's Name:  Sara Lavado
Full submission:   
My daughter, Sara Lavado, has been a Packers fan since ...
City:  Tweksbury
State:  MA
Comments: (56)
Nominee's Name:  Tom Little
Full submission:   
Who should be honored in this year’s Fan Hall of ...
City:  Brown County
State:  IL
Comments: (64)
Nominee's Name:  Gary Platt
Full submission:   
Gary’s first memories of the Packers go back to 1957, ...
City:  Wisconsin Rapids
State:  WI
Comments: (65)
Nominee's Name:  Gene Greening
Full submission:   
Mean Gene has been doing his cheering, dancing, twirling game ...
City:  Menasha
State:  WI
Comments: (138)
Nominee's Name:  Gene Noonan
Full submission:   
There is no better, more loyal Green Bay Packer fan ...
City:  Wisconsin Rapids
State:  WI
Comments: (31)
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2010 Packers Fan Hall of Fame

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